Dhruti Bal

Ultra Runner

City - Bengaluru

Profession - Nutritionist

Achievements - Podium Finisher in 100K and 50K.

Athletic Journey

Started running in the year 2016 starting with a 3km run and walk  gradually  raising the bar by training  in an organic manner in a sequential progression  doing 10k ,21k ,42k and finally to endurance runs ultra running in 2021. Also in an endeavour to encourage running across women across different sections of the society also try to promote running in saree and have done runs in saree too  to reinforce on the point physical fitness can be taken up by women in their comfort wear zone and have got a good response to it seeing many women taking up to fitness in different attires they are comfortable till they come to a stage where are not shy to wear sports wear.

Rupa Das


City: Kolkata

Profession:  Public Relation &    

    Communication Professional

Personal Best

10K- 01:09:00


Was awarded a Believe Award by Star Sports during TSK25, 2019 for my 28kgs weight loss journey.

Athletics Journey

Rupa is a believer of self love, which helped her in transforming her obese journey.Her fitness journey started in 2017 with some basic walk & then she got hooked up to running.Initially it was with the objective of weight-loss then she felt the high of completing a certain distance in minimum possible time and getting better gradually. She realised that this sport is something which will always give her a self defined target to chase & will help her to develop her endurance with time & regular practice.She says, “ Running has transformed my DNA. Nothing really seems impossible now and no  target unachievable”

- It helped her reduce 28kg body weight

- Has given her many many proud moments in life like getting featured in Star Sports as a Star Sports Believe Hero during TSK25, 2019.

- It helped her to become an inspiration to many people around.

- It gave her respect, it gave her love and many more things which are priceless.

Now when people encourage her on my social media handles and some even seek advice she pinch herself how did this happen !? 😱

This is the impact of RUNNING on her !! 😇 “

Gupta Akash

Ultra Marathoner

City: Ahmedabad

Profession: Athlete


• India book record holder in Back 


• Bronze Medal in RFYS

Mayanka sharma


City: Vadodara

Profession: Working 

Personal Best

10K- 49:00

21K- 01:50:00


Podium finisher of TMM,IDBI,TCS 10k Ahmedabad, Vadodara International Marathon, Mount Abu Trail Run, Solefest , CRR etc

Athletics Journey

Mayanka’s running journey started in 2018 after participating in Vadodara International Marathon which gave her an urge to continue to run. After this event she started participating in several events and finished with podiums.She is also an Ultra Runner and has participated in the 50K Tata Ultra Marathon.

Dev Chaudhary

Ultra Marathoner & Trail Runner

City: Pusad

Profession: Medical
shop owner

Personal Best

21K- 1:18:00

Marathon- 2:56:00

50K- 04:27:00

100K- 08:57:00

120K Trail/elevation 4200m- 22:05:00


Hennur Bamboo Ultra 161kms- Winner

Jumping GorillaMountain Trail Run 120kms- Winner

Mahabaleshwar Endurathon 75kms- Winner

Indian Backyard Ultra 22 loops

Swarajya Backyard Ultra 12 loops

Athletics Journey

Dev started his running journey 3
years ago and now he is in love with the sport and running has become his habit and day today life. He also progressed to run long and became an Ultra Runner.

Prajna Pujary


City: Navi Mumbai

Profession: Textile

Personal Best

10K- 62:00

21K- 02:11:00

Marathon- 05:17:00

12 Hours- 80kms


Won the Best Running Family in MRR Awards 2018 and has
been nominated for 3 consecutive years 2017-2019.

Podium Finisher in Master Foundation Run, ET Marathon,
Mumbai Hot Ultra, Lonavala Varsha Marathon, Mahabaleshwar Endurathon, Naneghat Marathon, Olympeo The Nature Trail.

Has been felicitated for Running Achievements by Runtastic
Dilse Runners group in 2017 2018 and 2019, by Shree Shaneeshwara Temple Nerul in 2018 and Prayas the Gym in 2019.

Ran as a Guide Runner supporting a Visually Impaired
Runner 2019.

Participated in achieving the World Book of Record for
Pinkathon Plankathon 2019, Limca Book of Records for doing 151 Suryanamaskar
2020, BAL Plankathon Guinness World Record 2020.

My Passion for adventure and trekking has taken me from
High Altitude Grade 3 Rapid Rafting in Zanskar River to the Beas river rafting. To summit the High Altitude Trek Chopta Chandrashila in Uttarakhand 2018 and to Sandakphu Phalut the Highest peaks of West Bengal 2021.

Ultra Running- 50k The Malnad Ultra, 12hr Individual Bengaluru & Mumbai Stadium Run, 50k Mumbai Hot Ultra, 60k
Matheran Endurathon Summer, 100miles Spirit of Pinkathon Intercity Pune to Mumbai 100miles in 3 days, 375k Intercity Gwalior to Delhi Relay Run in 5 days, 12hr Mumbai & Bangalore, 75k Bangalore Ultra .

Athletics Journey

Prajna is adventurous and loves to travel and trek. Her
zest to explore new places with her husband prompted her to run in 2015. Running to explore places soon has become an opportunity to discover herself. From her first 5/10 kms in 2015,she graduated to a half marathon distance in
2016, to ultra running in 2017, to Intercity Run in 2018 and then to complete the TMM Full Marathon in 2019. And a come back 12hr Individual Stadium after the Pandemic break and the journey continues.

Being in her 8th year of Running, it has become her lifestyle - her wake up regimen, her day organiser, her time to think; it’s
something she does for herself and with herself. And for this and many other reasons, she takes to her heels almost every day, and puts one foot in front of the other and runs for the sheer passion and joy of Running.She also believes in women empowerment and works towards promoting fitness for mental and physical well-being.

Swapnil Joshi


City: Vadodara

with TCS

Personal Best

10K- 52:00

21K- 01:56:00

Marathon- 04:28:00

12 Hours- 66kms


Completed 35+ Half Marathons, 2 Full Marathons, 3 Ultras
and 30+ 10k events. As well as recently he has started to love the pacers joband has successfully completed 10 pacer assignments across Vadodara, Indore, Jaipur and Mumbai.

Athletics Journey

Swapnil started running from thepast 5-6 years. His journey took place by starting from 2-3kms and graduallyprocessing on to 10km and so on. He ran his first half marathon in 2016 inMumbai and for him it was like a dream come true. After working towards the sportfor more than 3 years he participated in his first full marathon in 2019 in Mumbai and now he is progressing towards Ultras.

Subhjit Sarkar


City: Mumbai

Profession: MNC Consulting Director

Personal Best

10K- 01:02:00

21K- 02:15:00

42K- 05:45:00



Aarey Run 2018- Winner

Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2022-
Co-Organizer -Co-Organizer

Ambassador and Pacer in major events like NEB Mumbai, Satara, NMMR, Tridhaatu Chembur, FeRun etc.

Athletics Journey

Subhjit started running in mid 201 to address health ailments like HypoThyroid and High Blood Pressure. What started as a compulsion for him became a passion leading to 2 FMs, 25 odd HMs, 4 stadium relay runs, 5 Trail runs and 40 odd 10Ks till date. This year he is planning to start his international running journey hopefully!

What keeps him going - “Running has given a lot to me and hence I derive tremendous joy in giving back to the running community through organizing, volunteering and pacing opportunities. “

His inspiration- Terry Fox is my biggest inspiration. He was a
cancer patient who ran 3339 miles across Canada for 143 days before dying at the age of 21.

Rajesh Jana


City: Bangalore

Profession: IT

Personal Best


10K- 41:05

21K- 1:44:55

Marathon- 03:57:54   


Streak runner, currently on day#90 as of June 11th and counting

Top 5 HDOR finisher from Bangalore 100 HM's in 2021

21HM x 21 days

Raising funds for social causes through running

Athletics Journey

Rajesh started his running sometimearound 2008 with his first 10K being the Sunfeast World 10K.It's more like Dean Karnazes where one fine day he just signed up for a 10K race and showed up to run a few days after.For him it was certainly a great feeling crossing the finish line(something he still cherish till date) but wouldn't say he was in love with running at first sight. Been on & off running until they built their running group where they run in & around Sarjapur ORR as well as HSR. From 2012 onwards he has been more consistent with running and clocking significant mileage with no time bound goals as such. However in 2016, while he was on MAF training for a significant amount of time (6 months), he was thrilled to crack a sub 4 hr marathon in the Bangalore Marathon, cutting about an hour from his previous best. Off lately he has been streaking, running daily (almost the whole of 2019 with approx 340 kms under my belt) and continuing in 2020,2021 and 2022 as well. Regular participant and Ambassador of HDOR (Hundred Days of Running) event as well.This time he is tracking his journey in Strava logs

Gurleen Arora


City: Gurgaon

Profession: FSSA Certified for Functional strength Training

Marathon Trainer

Personal Best

10K- 54:03

21K- 02:01:19

Marathon - 04:43:27

80K - 13:01:50


Summited Mt Everest Base Camp in March 2021

Fitness Femtor(Female Mentor) and Empowering Women at “Global Womanhood Leadership Program.”

Part of the wonderful song, Matmaara (crazy), written by Ironman Kapil Arora.

Podium Finisher in Ladakh Marathon.
Marathon 2018, Chambal Ultra 2019, Tuffman Stadium 6 hours Solo, HDFC 10K 2017,
Starry Night 10 K 2018, Vaisakhi Half Marathon 2018, Darting Damsels 10K 2018

10:35 mins plank challenge in Rapid metro plank Challenge organised by #MilleniumCityMarathon

Cycling from India Gate to Chandigarh (No break – 300 Kms)

Athletics Journey

Gurleen’s Mantra for life is: Live to Run. Though it was not always that, she was a typical Delhi girl, interested in keeping herself fit but never actively engaged in any sport post school. For her after college it came marriage, jobs, children and inter-city relocations with her family, leaving
her with little time for herself or exercise. Post marriage she gave birth to two kids and had lots of women related problems.So much so that in 2015, when her children were 13 and 3 respectively, she weighed 90 kgs. That is when she
decided to embark upon this journey of metamorphosing herself into what she always dreamt to be.As a first step, she joined a running group called Gurgaon Road Runners (GRR) and started following Chief Siddharth’s program for structured training. She also became very careful of her diet and sleep timings. The habits formed over most of her adult life were difficult to break but with grit and determination she stuck to the plan, waking up at 4 am every morning and being in the field by 5, for at least an hour of vigorous exercise and runs. Slowly, her fitness levels increased, she felt confident enough to attempt her first half marathon in 2015. Since then, running has become a part of her daily life. Today she weighs 60kg.

Balasubramaniam M


City: Bangalore

Profession: Community Program Manager

Personal Best

Marathon- 04:41:00   


60+ HM's, 2 FM's, 2 Ultra Marathon & 1 HM @RainForest in Kota Kinabalu

Athletics Journey

Balasubramaniam is a passionate Long distance runner, Mentor & Coach

Ashish Agrawal


City: Nagpur

Profession: Taxation Lawyer

Personal Best

10K- 44:00

21K- 01:39                 
Marathon -03:38:00


12 Hours Stadium Run- 92kms

24 Hours Stadium Run- 132kms

100 km Flag Run- 16 Hours

Athletics Journey

For him, running never crossed his mind a few years back. Ashish saw people running and was like, “oh, that's not for me. And who runs for fun?!” Fast forward a few years he was at a low point in his life with the problem of obesity and anxiety closing in and he needed an escape. He remembered one afternoon being pushed to his breaking point and he needed something, but he didn't know what.

He started his running on 15th August 2018 with 3 km run being part of fitness activity . Being a Taxation Lawyer it was very difficult for him to maintain his training & professional schedule , but his passion for running kept him moving. He
completed his 1st Full Marathon in TMM 2020 with a timing of 4 hours 25minutes & from there the running journey for him moved upward. Since then he has completed uncountable Half Marathons & some high profiled events. Recently he was part of the Anthology THE RUNNERS PRIDE edited by Mrs. Anamika Kundu & published by THE IMPISH LASS PUBLISHING HOUSE Mumbai . A small contribution about his first marathon is published here amongst many stalwarts of the Indian Running fraternity.

Amit Bagra


City: Jaipur

Profession: Student & Athlete

Personal Best

10K- 43:19

21K- 01:35

Marathon -03:26:00


Pinkcity Runners Awards

Jaipur Runners Awards

Best Runner Award 2019-2020

Out Standing Runner Award 2020-21

Consistent Runner 2018-2019

Athletics Journey
Amit is an entrepreneur from Jaipur who believes that- you don't need to take out time to stay fit, rather it should be part of your life just like eating and sleeping.It's been 4 years since he started running. It all began in 2015( AU Marathon) when few of his friends participated in Jaipur HM. “ Amit had told them that if I was going to get up that early again to cheer them on, I might as well run with them,” he recalled. So, he vowed to sign up for the 2016 for any race in Jaipur and began training year-round to prepare.While his friends didn't run again Amit had completed his first Ultra marathon that year in 2016, followed by another half marathon in Jaipur. Since his first race, he has participated in One Ultra of 50 km, 26 HM, 7 FM and several 10 & 5kms events including races in Mumbai, Delhi & Rajasthan.To train for each race,he looks forward to his training runs on mornings, despite the late work hours of his routine life at his office.A big motivation for him is to see all the success of his friends and fellow runners. In fact, in 2018, when he suffered with an injury while training for a marathon that sidelined him from subsequent training, he found motivation from his teammates to push through and get healthy again. “Put your best each time,” Amit says as “Nothing is certain, and you don’t know how long you can continue”
Through his hard work, sheer determination and self-care to understand his body’s abilities and limitations. He fought through the frustration of having to slow down and rebuild his strength and endurance to come back again.
“During anything in life there’s a struggle, but the real test is how you fight stronger and come back better once you fall. His timings are improving as he is getting fitter.He enjoys the challenge of seeing how far he can push himself. It’s just you and the road ahead. Do or don't is your choice.
Recently he completed a Full marathon in Delhi in February 202 named IDBI Federal Life Insurance Marathon where he timed his personal best of 3 hours and 26 mins.
“I find running incredibly gratifying,” he said. “It feels so good to cross the finish line.”
According to him if you have the hunger for any kind of sport inside you then it is just a matter of time when you get deep into it and get better each day once you practise it regularly. Running for him now is a part of life just like how the gym was in his early college life to stay fit .He never had thought that he would run since he was always overweight and more into indoor sports and running used to make him feel bored after a few minutes. But today with time and continued efforts he enjoys running long distances.

Sandeep Narkar


City: Mumbai

Profession: Software

Personal Best

10K- 38:45

21K- 01:32:00


Alpha Trail Running Challenge- Winner(Overall)

Rugged Sahyadri - Ultra Trail Run 2018

*21Km 1st place in Age Category*

Competed in many running events and Hit pb's .

Completed 12 hours Mumbai Ultra.

Athletics Journey

Sandeep’s journey as a sportsperson started by playing volleyball from school and it ended with the college as the
whole team got scattered with their busy schedules. At that time he also represented the college at University level. He wanted to play volleyball at some bigger level but his dream is still on hold, so he decided to go ahead with distance running. He got Coach Kevin for his training and it helped him in creating a strong base and systematic training under National Medalist Brijlal Sir and with their influence he was able to hit his PB’s in 10Km and 21Km. At the same time made many new friends in running community which helped him
achieve more and more.

Neha Gupta


City: Dehradun

Profession: Entrepreneur

Personal Best

21K- 02:05:00 (Hilly Terrain)  


Gold medalist in State Master Athletics and qualified for Nationals

Dehradun Half Marathon- Winner

Co Founder Dehradun Runners Club

Uttarakhand Ambassador for NEB Sardar Patel Unity Run

Athletics Journey
Neha’s fitness journey started when her spinal cord was in a bad condition after her daughter's birth .Even walking 500 mts was a challenge to her then she started gaining weight and in no time she was 85 kg .It was then she realised where she was going.It took her a while but with a bang she took health as the mettle to be in.Starting was sluggish as many of her known doctors advised her to take rest because of the spine issues but she took the challenge and went out on roads started with walks ,gradually switching to cycling and than running.Running and cycling then became her morning cup of health.Being a Doonite she always wondered how she could contribute towards this beautiful city.Then she decided to meet people and also take them out for fitness which will certainly make them more healthier and in longer perspective healthy citizens can only make the city and nation strong.Starting this thing was bit difficult so she started it from home by taking her daughter Ojasvi along with her.It was really so good to run with her tiny steps.She being an early riser enjoy being outdoor and Doon is just a perfect place for nature lovers like us.Now suddenly after some time she was among many people and they were really joining her for runs over weekends.The city looks so beautiful with morning rising sun and breezy sunshines.She was in Dehradun Runners Club which is a group of health enthusiasts.Then she started connecting like minded people and arranging weekend group runs.This really started to flow.Now she don't know how and when she became "the health alarm" of this city.DRC is a group of amateur as well as professional runners combining the age group 5 years to 70 years.Getting them together and arranging runs makes her happy and gives her a feel of doing at least some responsibility towards the society.Hope it goes on and on.
"Miles to go ,Before I sleep " she says.

Vishal Halvawala

5K & 10K Runner

City: Surat

Profession: Business

Personal Best

10K- 56:00

21K- 02:03

Marathon- 04:57:00


Ran 20 half marathons,3 full marathons,5 Ultra including a 100 kms

Athletics Journey
Vishal started his running 5 years ago as he loved it since school days and it all started from a small 10 kms run where he felt he loved it and then it kept going.He started it to lose weight as he was 100 kgs and after running for 6 months he came to 85kgs.

Vijayabharathi Bhat


City: Mumbai

Profession: ACSM
certified Nutrition Expert and Marathon Coach

Personal Best

5K- 25:12

10K- 51:54

21K- 02:02:00

Marathon- 04:43:00


International Master Athlete with gold and 3 silver medals in Race Walk and Running events in International Master Athletics

72 medals in National and State Athletics (32 gold, 25 silver and 15 Bronze)

Intercity run - 160 km from Pune to Mumbai under Pinkathon banner (2018)

Gwalior to Delhi women empowerment relay run(2018)

Iron man VR 70.3 finisher (2020)

Vivid Cyclist - 200 kms BRM finisher (2021)

Podiums in many running events including recent Tata ultra 2022.

Had done massive Everest base camp elevation run,a global level challenge and earned a position in EBC world Hall
of Fame (2021)

Athletics Journey
Vijayabharathi was into sports during her school and college years. Later she had to give a break due to marriage and kids. She resumed her running journey just to lose weight and it became a passion and then there was no looking back for her.Today she has several podiums and medals in district, State, National and International Masters Athletics and Running events . Running made her grow more confident, powerful, courageous and last but not least glamorous too.

Lokesh Patil

Long Distance Runner

City: Navi

Profession: Nutrition
& Fitness Consultant

Personal Best

5K- 19:56

10K- 41:10

21K- 01:37:00

Marathon- 03:46:00


Youngest marathoner in Tata mumbai marathon 2020

Athletics Journey
Lokesh started as a sprinter at school level, so to develop endurance and stamina for the same, he started with 2.5- 3km run practice. And from there he got in love with long distance running, did his first 10k without any practice in 46mis.Then he did many 21km and in 2020 did his maiden 42km run as youngest marathoner. And now his goal is to conquer a comrades marathon 90km hill in South Africa, as youngest comrades runner in the world and to represent India.

Sneha Bharadwaj

Ultra Marathoner

City: Delhi

Profession: Business

Personal Best

21K- 02:05:00

12 hour- 126kms


Sharjah 10K 2018- 4th Place

Finished multiple events in 10k, 21k, Ultra-trail Runs and 24 hrs Stadium Run from Dec 2017 to 2020

Athletics Journey
Sneha started her running journey in Dec 2017 and finished with a podium in her first half marathon and thus her journey for back to back podium started. Then she progressed to Ultra Distance under the guidance of Dr. Sunita Godara after a year of training. Then she participated in many Ultra marathons including Malnad Ultra, Tuffman Trails and 24 hours Stadium Run

Pawan Agarwal


City: Mumbai

Profession: Housewife

Personal Best

Marathon- 04:54:00


Finished 6 full marathons and half marathons

Athletics Journey
Pawan started her running journey from jogging in her local area park with an aim of general fitness which then motivated her to gradually increase the pace and it further motivated her to run. With all of this her interest in running activities grew, then she got associated with running clubs and then slowly started training for marathons.As a beginner it was difficult for her to adjust with the training but her coaches and friends helped her through the process and she completed her first marathon and from there, nothing could have stopped her passion for running and she conquered all the full marathons along with other running events.

Rizwan Maraikar


City: Mumbai

Profession: Business

Personal Best

10K- 44:24

21K- 01:36:59

Marathon- 03:54:59

50K- 05:04:42

12 Hour Stadium Run- 80.8kms


Two Podium finish in 10k and five in half marathon

Athletics Journey
Rizwan is a passionate runner, residing in the City of Dreams Mumbai. Running has been a part of his life from childhood. Since his school days he had participated in all the Track & Field events and most of which were podium finishes.He shared that over a period of time his family responsibilities increased, priorities changed as he joined his family business and therefore for some time running took back foot in his life . However in early 2015 he rekindled his passion for running and started participating in a few marathons.From 2016 onwards he has participated in almost every marathon in Mumbai. For the past 4 years he has participated in 70 + Marathons which includes 40 Half Marathons / 6 – 12 Hours Stadium Run / Nashik to Mumbai Ultra Run / 5 Full Marathons / 30 + 10 KM.Apart from this he has been part of many marathons as an ambassador / pacer, we are pleased to share that Rizwan has few podium finishes too in his Kitty.He has successfully paced many 10K & Half Marathon & Full Marathon events including the prestigious TMM & IDBI.He further adds that pacing gives him immense happiness, even if 1 runner improves his / her timing, it is a lifetime memory for him & runner too.Academically, he holds the Graduate Degree in Commerce. He is also Director at Taurus Springs.

Falguni Vora


City: Mumbai

Profession: Athlete
and Homemaker

Personal Best

21K- 02:17:00

Marathon- 05:07:00 


Running has given me a new lease on life, conference and happiness.

Athletics Journey
According to Falguni, “Running means Meditation”
“She never planned on running, it happened to her by chance but has stayed with her by choice.” Running entered her life when she had a host of problems: a debilitating disease, deep depression and despair. From walking a few 100metres,she slowly graduated to running 10k, 21k and 42k. With each running milestone, her confidence emerged, the fighting spirit took strides and the beacon of hope got brighter. She says that running gave her a new lease on life. The problems have not vanished but now she has the strength to face them. She looks forward to each and every run, every finish line instils a certain fulfilment in her. She has been running since January 2014.
Total Full marathons - 4
Total Half marathons - 7
Total 10 kms - 5
Wada Duathlon...10k run + 40k cycling
Pacing Done :- ITC Marathon 75 min Pacer.

Kavita Jhingan

Runner & Triathlete

City: Mumbai

Profession: Dentist

Personal Best

10K- 01:10:31

21K- 02:40:29

Bhumi Run- Podium
Wada Duathlon 2016- Winner
Finished 200 kms Cycling BRM (Randonneur)
Finished 18 Half Marathons (including Satara Hill HM , TMM and ADHM)
Borivali National Park Tough Run 2018- 25km
Finished Kasauli Ultra Half Marathon and Durshet Forest Trail Run
Finished 40+ 10K Runs
12 hour stadium relay run twice
12+ Army style Obstacle Runs
Assisted Running 5 kms with a Blind Runner

Athletics Journey
Kavita started her running in July 2017 after a major fall from bicycle and got into depression. To cope up from the depression she started running and now she loves the sport. She is also a triathlete.

Vishal Rohila

Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner

City: Gurgaon

Profession: Corporate

Personal Best

21K- 01:31:30

Marathon- 03:40:00


Created a marathon group and helped many people to get active, stay healthy and train.

Athletics Journey
Vishal started his running journey to challenge himself at that stage of age, when he wasn't doing anything. He challenged himself after seeing many people climbing mountains, swimming through open water, and running through roads. And decided to start running, now he influences many people how to start and why to run. He created a group to spread awareness about running. Taking sessions for bodyweight workouts, without equipment, new flows, new movements.

Pramila Sarawagi

Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner

City: Kolkata

Profession: Audit and accounts professional

Personal Best

10K- 60:00

21K- 02:25:00

Marathon- 05:30:00

60km- 09:15:00

80K- 14:00:00

December 2018 Kolkata Ultra 60k and February 2019 Bengal Trail 80k (got ITRA point 3)
Endurance runner and motivational speaker also known as SQUAT GIRL by indian runners
Top climbers by Cyruns Sports
Felicitated as Star Sport Believe Hero by PROCAM in year 2018
Race director in Intercity 10K and Leothon
Active Pinkathon Ambassador in Kolkata

Athletics Journey
Pramila’s journey started with a small walk of 2km in the year 2009.and in 2019 she became an Ultra Runner. She also founded one running group called SALT LAKE RUNNERS, KOLKATA presently with 200 members. Her dream is to learn callisthenics.

Varsha Krishnagiri

Ultra Marathoner

City: Gurgaon

Profession: Health
& Fitness Professional & Acadamacien

Personal Best

21K- 02:08:00

Marathon- 04:40:00


24 Hours- 134Kms

12 Hours- 86kms

Athletics Journey
Varsha’s journey begins by losing from 80kgs to 50kgs without any crash diets, any starvation but pure hard work at the gym and healthy nutrition.
She started running 6 years back with 10km and in all these years ran 24 hrs and several 12hrs,FM,HM and 50kms.Ran across all the terrains.She is an ACE Certified Health and Fitness Professional.Training a number of people to lose weight holistically and maintain a healthy and fit life.

Munir Kulavoor


City: Mumbai

Profession: Head Coach(ExploRunner)

Personal Best

Marathon- 03:39:12


Matheran Endurathon Apr 2022 - 50K Winner

Athletics Journey
Munir has over 25 years of running experience right from his NCC days in undergraduate years. He was appointed as Sports Coach for the RPF Central Railway in 2018 and has been leading a running community "ExploRunner '' as founder and head coach since its inception in 2016. You can't go wrong with training under the tutelage of a coach certified with internationally recognised bodies such as ACE and ACSM. He is a competitive Ultrarunner who also supports numerous social causes including platelets donation which he does fortnightly. An ultrarunner and coach with a heart for social causes.

Pradip Mondal

Runner & triathlete

City: Vadodara


Personal Best

10K- 48:00

21K- 01:48:00

Marathon- 04:28:00

Ironman 70.3- 07:36:00

Completed Pune 100 km Ultra Marathon,
5 times 12 hrs Ultra Marathon
2 times 24 hrs Mumbai Stadium Run
Finished Goa Ironman 70.3

Athletics Journey
Due to his sedentary lifestyle and 9 hrs office job. Pradipta was gaining weight, when he realised that he has to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So he started running in the year 2013 and since then there is no looking back for him.He gradually progressed from 5k to 10k to HM to FM to Ultra and Triathlons.

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