Amar Singh devanda

Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner

City: Jaipur

Profession: Serving in Indian Air force
Personal Best
24 hours- 240.8 kms

Marathon- 02:37:00
100K- 07:32:00 07:32:00                           


• National best in 100 kms

• National best on Indian soil in 24 hours

• Selected to represent India team in 24 hours Asia Oceania Championship 2022

Athletics Journey

Amar started his athletic journey in 2014 by doing 10k events. He continued doing short distances for 4 years until he did his first marathon in 2018 with a timing of 2 hours 37 minutes.Then in 2020 he progressed to ultras by doing Shivalik Ultra run in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Now he has been selected for 24 hours Asia Oceania Championships 2022.

Amit Kshirsagar

Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner

City: Hyderabad
Profession: IT/Research
Personal Best
5K- 20:50
Marathon- 3:38:00
10K- 44:34 50K- 5:26:04
21K- 1:39:00
100 mile - 27:03:00


From being overweight with hypertension and severe back pain to sub 3:38 marathon, then back-to-back comrades and 100 mile. Won most improved runner award in 2018 at Hyderabad Runners Awards Night

Athletics Journey

Amit has always been an avid sports lover since his childhood. He has represented his college in Badminton and used to play it regularly for a few years even after college. But life always has different plans, and he was no exception. After he started working, he could not play any sports, which resulted in him gaining a lot of weight from 70kgs in 2000 to crossing 105kgs in quick time. Such a lifestyle always brings some classic maladies with it and for him it was thyroid and high BP. This is when he decided to take control of his lifestyle. When he first started running, back in 2016, never once did he  think that a few years later he would be running the distances he is doing today. What started as a weight loss goal ended up being a journey of discovery for him. In the last 6 years, he has run 20 marathons, 8 ultras which includes back to back comrades marathons and a 100 miler. From struggling even in a 10k and finishing first marathon in just under 6 hours to the personal best of 3:38 and finishing 100 miler in 27 hours, it has been an amazing journey for him. In 2021, he decided to take a shot at coaching and mentoring and this new chapter of his running has been equally satisfying. As learning never stops, he did his UESCA certification in 2022.

Anil Korvi


City: Mumbai

Profession: Servicing in Western Railways

Personal Best

10K- 32:22

21K- 1:10:50

Marathon- 2:39:24


• Mumbai University HM 2011- Gold

• IDBI New Delhi Marathon 2020- 3rd Place 

• Mumbai Marathon- 3rd Place (AG Category)

Athletics Journey

Anil started his running career in Oct 2007. Later on he won the Mumbai University Half Marathon in the year 2011 and also represented Mumbai University at All India Inter University Cross Country Championship in the same year. He joined Western Railways in June 2013. And represented Western Railways at All India Inter Railway Competitions & won many Inter-Railway Medals. He has participated in many national marathons and has finished with multiple podiums in various events. He has participated in more than 320 races and is a 250+ times podium winner. He has participated in 10 FM, 85 HM, 100+ 10k's.

Anurag Girish Konkar

10K Runner & Half Marathoner

City: Pune

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

5K- 15:41

10K- 32:07

21K- 1:11:20

Marathon- 2:45:48


PRBM Marathon 2018- Winner

Ladakh Marathon 2019- Winner(non Ladakhi) 

Bengaluru 10k 2021- 2nd Place

Nagpur Maha Marathon 2022- 2nd Place in HM

Pune Maha Marathon 2022- 2nd Place in 10k

Athletics Journey

Anurag started his journey into sports as a football player. He was a very passionate footballer. There was a time when he used to spend years practising 2 times a day. He represented one of the top clubs in Pune in Super Division and tournaments across Pune.

In the years of 2015 and 2016 his football coach discovered that he is in a good shape of endurance and so suggested he take part in marathons and races, which got him a couple of podium spots and good times for specific distances in the running world.

And so, in 2017 he made the move to completely shift his focus into Running as his primary sport. And that's how his running journey began. He still loves watching football, but since he is investing himself in running twice a day, he doesn’t get time to spare for football.

Mannu Singh

10K Runner

City: Pune

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

5K- 15:32

10K- 32:32


Pune International Marathon 2022- 2nd Place in 10K

Pune Lokmat Marathon 2022- 3rd Place in 10K

Bengaluru 10k 2021 & 22- 3rd Place

Maharashtra State Under 23 2021- Gold (5000m)

PCHM Marathon 2021- Winner (10K)

IBS Marathon 2018- 2nd Place in 5K

ICT Marathon 2018- Winner (10K)

Viviana Mall Thane Marathon 2018- Winner (10K)

Athletics Journey

Mannu started his journey as a long jumper and kho kho player at school level in the year 2012. He started his training professionally for 800 and 1500m in the year 2015 and participated in Junior State Level Championship. And currently he is focusing on 10k events both on track and road.

Manoj Kumar Yadav


City: Pune

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

5K- 15:19

10K- 31:47

21K- 1:11:45

Marathon- 2:32:35


Pune Lokmat Marathon 2022- Winner in 21K

Pune International Marathon 2022- 3rd Place in 21K

PCHM Marathon 2021- Winner in 21K

Apla Pune Marathon 2021- 3rd Place

IDBI Marathon Delhi 2021- 2nd Place

Athletics Journey

Manoj used to play cricket quite passionately during his school and college days. He later participated in a local running event in 2010 and did really well. This was when he was spotted by a local coach who groomed him into a proper runner. He did several short distance races until 2012, when he made his first appearance in a Full Marathon in Allahabad. From then he started taking inspiration from Ram Singh Yadav and continued focusing on full marathons. In Nov '21 he finished the Allahabad Marathon with a timing of 2:32:35. His goal now is to qualify for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Manoj Moond


City: Sikar, Rajasthan

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

10K- 33:16

21K- 1:12:00

Marathon- 2:33:00


AFMC Pune Marathon 2019- Winner in 10K

Cancer awareness Jaipur 2019 - Winner in 10K

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019 - Winner

Bajaj Allianz Half Marathon Pune 2019 - Winner

New Delhi Marathon 2022 - 3rd Place in 42K

Athletics Journey

Moond started his running journey in 2017 and after running his first half marathon in 1 hour 25 minutes he decided to make running his career and started training for marathons. Since then he has finished in several podiums in half marathons and has a personal best of 1:12:39. His prime goal now is to become a professional athlete.

Mihir Deo


City: Pune
Profession: Business in Medical Equipment
Personal Best
3K- 9:54
5K- 16:57 10K- 36:45
21K- 01:23:00 40K cycling - 56:37 100K cycling - 02:32:00


Ironman 70.3 Oman - 4th place (AG)

Ironman 70.3 Dubai - 5th place (AG)

Indian Senior National Triathlon
Championship - 6th place

Deccan Cliffhanger 643km Ultra Cycling Race - 1st place (fastest to finish record)(relay category)

Athletics Journey
Mihir started out by going to tuition on cycle during his school days. Slowly, he realised that his body is getting used to cycling and longer distances were coming to him easier than his friends. He decided to take part in a local race, and luckily ended up taking the victory. A couple of more local races gave him confidence to take up racing as a hobby, and he was racing on mountain bikes for some time. Slowly, the transition took place from mountain biking to road cycling, from road cycling to duathlons, and from duathlons to triathlons. Finally, his heart and mind have settled onto the 70.3 distance, and his goal is to unlock his maximum potential for this distance.

Nihal Ahamad Baig

Marathoner & Triathlete

City: Pune

Profession: Financial Data Analytics

Personal Best

5K- 15:31

10K- 33:27

Marathon -02:31:32

Half Iron Triathlon- 04:29:45


Ironman Goa 70.3 2022: Winner

Bergman Triathlon 2022: Winner

TCS World 10k 2022: Winner (AG Category)

New Delhi Marathon 2021: Winner

Apla Pune Marathon 2021: Winner

ITC Gandhinagar 2020: Winner

TMM 2019: 2nd Place (AG Category)

Kolhapur Triathlon 2018: Winner

2-time Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

Athletics Journey
Nihal tried his hands at running during his Freshman Cross Country race in IIT Bombay where to his surprise he finished in the 3rd place. That’s got him serious about taking running as his passion. During his stay in IIT Bombay he won various medals across middle distance track events (400m-5000m) and was named the best athlete among all IITs. As he entered the corporate world he transitioned to doing endurance events. He has been self coaching since. He gradually graduated from half marathons to Full marathons and then to Half Iron distance Triathlons. His first marathon time was 3:19 in 2017 and he completed his first half distance triathlon in just under 7 hours. Even since he has been working to become a better and efficient athlete. He has also started to take in some athletes under his hood to train them for marathons and triathlons

Nupur Singh

Ultra Marathoner & Trail Runner

City: Manali, HP

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

Marathon -03:03:15

50km Trail - 4:15:10

80km Trail - 9:19:15

100km Road - 8:44:21


Bengaluru Stadium Run 2022: Winner -100km National Record

Tata Ultra Marathon 2020: Winner

EcoTrail Saudi Arabia 2022: 2nd Place

New Delhi Marathon 2021: Winner

Asia Oceania Championship 201 Jordan (Open Race): 2nd Place

Solang SkyUltra Manali 2019: Winner

Athletics Journey

Nupur is an Architect by education
and after working for 6 years in Delhi, she moved to the mountains to pursue her love for the outdoors in 2016. She started running purely for fitness and the community around it, but then it became a means to explore the mountains. She is an outdoorsy person, nature has always fascinated her. The life in mountains and just the experience has instilled a deep love for the sport in her. It was in 2019 when she shifted her focus to take up running competitively and train herself as an athlete. She is a trail runner at heart, but marathons and speed fascinate her, it makes her want to explore her strengths.

Pooja Naresh Chaurushi


City: Surat

Profession: Coach

Personal Best

Standard Distance Triathlon: 02:10 (National record created in 2015)

Sprint Distance Triathlon: 01:06
(National Record created in 2009)


Named amongst Top High-Performance Female Triathlon Coaches in the World.

Fastest female Half Ironman triathlete of India.

Only triathlete to score a hat-trick at the South Asian Championships.

Only Triathlete to win multiple international medals at Asian Triathlon Cup races.

7 times National Triathlon Champion in India.

Honoured as Brand Ambassador of South Asian Triathlon Association.

First & only women triathlete to represent India at Asian Games & World Championships.

Titled ‘Golden Girl’ by Times of India in the year 2010.

Sr. Eklavya Award (The highest Sports Award from Gujarat Govt.)

Jr. Eklavya Award (For my International achievements in Triathlon.)

Sr. Sardar Patel Award

Jr. Sardar Patel Award (For my National achievements in Swimming & Triathlon.)

Only Coach in India with World Triathlon Level 2 coach certification.

World Triathlon Level 1 Technical Official.

Athletics Journey

Pooja is a mentor at the World
Triathlon Federation. Since 2015, she has been the brand ambassador of Triathlon at South Asian Triathlon Association. At the age of 29, she was a successful Head Coach of Triathlon alongside running her multi-sports academy -
PC Tri Sports Academy, which has coached several elite as well as age-group athletes in Aquathlon, Duathlon & Triathlon. She is adept at directing triathlon races and officiating national and international triathlon races. But her journey with Triathlon first began as an athlete. She began her sporting career with swimming in early 1999. At the age of 9, she started winning medals at state level competitions. At the age of 12, she won her first national medal in swimming. Alongside swimming, she was also racing in aquathlons. In 2006, watching her achievements in the National Aquathlon Championship, ITF (Indian Triathlon Federation) gave her a chance to participate in a Triathlon event. This was her 1st Gold medal in a Triathlon, which actually took everyone by surprise! And since then she’s captivated by this sport. Hitherto she has more than 230 medals to her name, which also includes medals in swimming, sea swimming of 30 KM’s Aquathlon and Triathlon at various levels. She has been crowned South Asian Triathlon Champion for 3 times & she is a 7-times National Triathlon Champion. She decided on transitioning her triathlon journey from an athlete to a coach because during her tenure as a triathlete she faced difficulty due to lack of proper guidance in India. So in the year 2016, her brother and she started a multi-sports academy named PC Tri Sports Academy, to take Triathlon further.

Premlata Yadav

5K & 10K Runner

City:Uttar Pradesh

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

5K- 17:22

10K- 37:06


29th UP State Open Athletics Championships 2022- 2nd Place(10K)

Guruvarya Gajanan Patil Sports Foundation 2021- Winner(10K)

Pune District Cross Country Race 2021- Winner(10K)

Apla Pune Marathon 2021- Winner(10K)

Athletics Journey

Premlata started her running journey from school level in 2017. In school she participated in the 600m race where she finished second. After coming back home with the medal her family members inspired her to choose running as a career. After that she progressed to 5K and 10K events where she has finished in many podiums.

Priyanka Chavarkar

10K Runner & Half Marathoner

City: Pune

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

10K- 39:06

21K- 01:29:00


8 National Medal in 3000m Steeplechase

5 National Medal in 1500m

27 State medals Overall

5 All India Inter University Medal

15 Ashwamedh All University Medal

Satara Hill Marathon Podium 2018-19

Athletics Journey

Priyanka’s running career began at the age of 12 and has been playing competitively since then at the State Level. She started with 100m and long jump and later progressed to 400,800 &1500m. She won her first medal (silver) at West Zone Jr. Athletics National in 3000m Steeplechase in U18 and Gold medal in 1500m. As she became a senior athlete she started practising for long distance and was racing 10K and Half Marathons with so many podium finishes. In 2019, she got a chance to participate in the Los Angeles Skechers Performance Full Marathon which she finished with a timing of 3 hours 42 minutes.

Rahul Shinde


City: Pune

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

5K- 15:03

10K: 31:20

Olympic Distance: 01:52:00


Asia Cup Doha : 27th Place

U23 Asia Cup Doha: 2nd Place

South Asian Championship: 10th Place

Senior National Championship Konark 2021: Winner

ITF National Championship 2021: Winner

Junior Nationals Championship 201 & 18 & 19: Winner

Athletics Journey

Rahul started his journey with Swimming in the year 2013 and since has been competitively participating in several state and national level events. He soon started running alongside and within the next few years has transitioned into a triathlete. He has been loving his triathlon journey ever since he got into it. He has participated in several national and international triathlons in recent years.

Raina Solanki


City: Delhi

Profession: Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Personal Best

10K- 58:17

21K- 02:06:00

Marathon- 04:58:10

12 hour Stadium Run - 78.84km


Completed 78.84km in my first ultra (12 hour stadium run)

Athletics Journey

At the age of 36, Raina decided to quit her job at an MNC and become a full time Fitness and Nutrition coach. A few years ago, due to her hectic work life and poor lifestyle habits, she
struggled with weight related issues like Hypothyroidism, bad metabolism, unhealthy eating habits etc which all together made her life really miserable.That was when, in 2015, one of her colleagues told her about a running event and she couldn't bring herself to believe that she could run her
first ever 3K race and came back home motivated, satisfied and all uncertainties were vanished. After seeing 75 and 80 years old women running 5K, 10K with so much confidence and vigour. She realised that, If they could, why couldn’t she? And this is how her fitness journey started. Her journey as a runner started in 2015 and she ran many 10K and half marathons (including Ladakh, Amsterdam, Munich) and one Full Marathon & one 12 hours stadium run.

Running  has changed her life, her preferences have
changed, whatever she is today, whatever she will be tomorrow, running will definitely be an integral part of it that has a visible impact. Today she is 30kgs lighter than she was in 2015 and way more confident about herself.

She runs because there is always more to learn about her body and mind, and running reveals her weaknesses and turns them into strengths. Running gives her a means to challenge herself everyday to improve. No matter what goal she makes, once she reaches that she will be able to set a new one and push toward that new goal. It’s a never ending process that is both satisfying and rewarding. It makes her feel strong, happy and accomplished. It teaches her that she needs patience and consistency.
For her, running is a chance to connect better with herself and feel like a completely different person, a person who inspires others and above all inspires herself. She says- “It feels amazing when people want to change their lifestyle looking at mine and want to incorporate running into theirs. To be
someone's motivation to be healthy and fit gives me happiness beyond words. Truly believe I am in it for the long run.”

 She is passionate and this is what drives her everyday life. She is so grateful for everything fitness and health has given her. Fitness hasn’t only been a way for her to cope up with things but now a way of life too. She look at life differently now and some may take it a fad but for her its forever ❤️

Sarvesh Kumar


City: Mumbai

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

5K- 14:49

10K: 30:55

21K- 1:11:22

Marathon- 2:26:12

50km Ultra- 3:14:34


5 time State Athletics Championship

5 time Half Marathon Podium 

5 time Full Marathon Podium

4 time 50km Ultra Marathon Podium

Athletics Journey

Sarvesh started his journey in
Steeplechase and long jump events in 2013. He also tried his hands at sprinting before he shifted his focus to 3000 and 5000m. He participated in the State Championships but couldn’t secure a medal. He then moved to doing jumps for a while but that resulted in several injuries. At that moment he felt that athletics wasn't meant for him so he came down to Mumbai in search of a job in 2016. But he couldn’t stay away from athletics for long. When he was getting his fitness back he decided to give running one more shot and started training in SAI Kandivali. He juggled between work and training for 5 years before he decided to quit his job and put his entire focus on running. He has since been doing a lot of running races and living on the earnings from the races

Satwik Rajani


City: Ahmedabad

Profession: Business

Personal Best

5K- 16:50

21K- 01:18:00

Marathon- 02:45:00


Top 10 Finisher in NDM 2021

Athletics Journey

Satwik started running to lose
weight. He has lost over 40 kgs in 3 years and continued to run, becoming one of the youngest Indians to run the Comrades Marathon. He eventually started using a more scientific approach to his training and has improved immensely from a 3:47 in his first marathon to a 2:45 in 2021.

Soma Jagan Reddy

Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner

City: Hyderabad

Profession: Physiotherapist, Fitness Consultant & Running Coach

Personal Best

5K- 17:32

Marathon- 02:56:00

10K- 37:00

12 Hours Run: 125.6km

21K- 01:21:00


12hr Bangalore Stadium Run: Winner

12hr Hyderabad Stadium Run: Winner

Qualified Boston and Chicago marathons

Athletics Journey

Soma started his running journey in 2014 and ran his first full marathon with a timing of 3:51 and has bettered his personal best since then. Eventually running in 2:56 (2020) at the age of 4 years. He had also secured first place with 125.6 km by beating all young guns of India in his debut 12 hours run in 2021 in Hyderabad.

TimTim Sharma

Marathoner & Triathlete

City: Bengaluru

Profession: S&C
Trainer, Yoga Instructor , Running and Nutrition Coach    

Personal Best

10K- 44:45

21K- 01:38:00

Marathon- 03:30:00

Half Ironman Triathlon - 5:23:21


Ironman Goa 70.3 22: 2nd place (Women's)

SPBM 2022: 3rd Place

TCS 10K 2022:  Winner(AG Category)

Vagamon Ultrail 2022: 2nd Place

VVMM 2020: Winner (AG Category)

TMM 2020: Winner

Mumbai Police Marathon 2020: Winner

SPBM 2022: 3rd Place

4 times BQ'd

Athletics Journey

TimTim started running in 2012,
racing vigorously and winning amateur podiums across the country until she got terribly injured in 2014. Then she was off from running for the next 2 years, then she picked up cycling - completed her SR and also did a couple of triathlons. From 2016-2018 she did a lot of aerobic base building and foundational work including studying various components of strength, mobility and yoga in addition to creating training cycles and getting certifications in each field. Effective 2018, she re-started racing slowly but surely with a focus on performance sans injury.

Vipul Kumar

Marathoner & Ultra Marathoner

City: New Delhi

Profession: Athlete

Personal Best

21K- 01:12:00

Marathon- 02:33:00

100km- 07:39:00        


Qualified for World Championship
India Team 2022

New Delhi Marathon 2022- 2nd Place

Bengaluru Marathon 2022- Winner

Tata ultra 50k 2022- 3rd Place

Bengaluru 100k 2021- 3rd Place

Mumbai 100k 2021- Winner

Delhi 100k 2021- 2nd Place

Army Half Marathon 2021- 3rd Place

Aravali trail run 50k 2021- Winner

Airtel Delhi HM 2020- 2nd Place

Millenium City Marathon: 3rd Place

Mumbai HM 2019: 3rd Place

Dwarka HM 2016: 3rd Place

Vivekanand HM 2016: Winner

Athletics Journey

Vipul has been running for about 1 years now. His mother passed away when he was only 11 years old, which led him to devote the majority of his time to running. His Grandfather noticed his penchant for running and supported him throughout. His Grandfather also helped Vipul gain knowledge about running and training. His Grandfather had a dream of seeing Vipul winning International marathons like the Olympics, World and Asian Championships, and the Commonwealth Games. That dream now has transformed into Vipul’s dream and that’s what gets him going. He ran his first half marathon in 2016 with a timing of 1:18 and the following year he did his first marathon in 2:45. He has qualified for the 100km World Championships in 2022.

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