When the first Olympics kicked off in 1896, marathon running was introduced to the world. However, it was not until 1984, nearly 88 years later, that women were allowed to participate in the long-distance running sport. Today, with almost 35% of the marathoners globally being females, the long-standing myth that women are physically incapable of running has successfully been busted! 

Whether you want to start running or are a seasoned player, shoes are undeniably one of the most essential gear. Brooks Running has put together a comprehensive list of running shoes for women. Let's help you get your next pair! 

Fit, Function, and Fashion: The 3 F's to consider when buying women's shoes


Most running shoe brands manufacture separate shoes for women and men, considering the differences in foot shape, size, body weight, and structure. An ideal fit ensures a spacious toe box, snug heel fit, and comfortable width. 

Brooks Running shoes cater to women's unique requirements. They are wider at the forefoot and narrower at the heel, available in smaller sizes, and offer adequate support. 

However, what happens if you wear men's shoes? While it may not make a significant difference, many may experience blisters, calluses, muscle pain, and other injuries with prolonged use. Besides, a shoe that is poorly fitted can hamper your running performance. So, it's better to invest some time in finding the perfect fit for you! 


Cushioned shoes for women

Brooks Running has introduced cushioning technologies such as the BioMoGo DNA that adapts to a runner's unique stride, weight, and speed, along with DNA AMP, designed to absorb stride impact and deliver energy return. 

Runners who frequently cover long distances, have a heavier body weight, experience joint discomfort, or underpronate can benefit from using cushioned shoes for women. Explore some popular cushioning women's shoes on sale by Brooks Running. 

Stability sports shoes for women 

Another popular innovation by Brooks Running is the GuideRails support technology, which incorporates two firm foam pieces on either side of the heels. It helps you stay in your unique stride without making your foot roll excessively inwards or outwards. Thus, it keeps the heels, ankles, shin, knees, and hips in alignment, thereby preventing pain and injuries. 

These shoes for women are suitable for those who overpronate. Below are Brooks Running women’s shoes with the GuideRails system. 


Brooks Running prioritizes fit and function in running shoes for women but does not leave fashion behind! Most popular shoe models are available in diverse colors and designs to ensure everyone finds something that matches their unique style. 

Additionally, as more people have started pairing sports shoes with their everyday outfits, there's a growing demand for various stylish options. Classic lovers can find shoes in blacks, grays, and whites, while fashion-savvy individuals can opt for pinks, purples, and blues. 

Why should more women take up running? 

Menstruation, pregnancy, birth, menopause—women's bodies go through a lot throughout their life. Here are some common women's health issues and how running can help through it all! 

  • Hormonal shifts during monthly cycles and menopause lead to stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Running increases endorphins that help ease these symptoms. 
  • Whether it’s PCOS, post-pregnancy, or post-menopause, women struggle to lose weight in many situations. Get into your favorite women’s shoes because running is one of the best forms of exercise for burning calories!
  • Women reach their peak bone and muscle density by age 30. After that, it gradually starts to decrease. Running has been proven to strengthen bones and muscles in women!

Learn more benefits of running for women

Grab your pair of women’s shoes by Brooks Running today! 

Discover sports shoes for women that guarantee the three F’s: fit, function, and fashion, and prepare to hit the streets! Bonus: do not miss out on the Brooks Running women’s shoes on sale