Do you wish for a pair of shoes that could help you ace every marathon without leaving you with tired, sore, and injured lower limbs? Look no further than the newly launched Brooks Glycerin 21. Its USP is deep cushioning, plush landings, a supportive ride, smooth transitions, and a lighter design. 

We tested the Brooks Glycerin 21 men and women shoes multiple times before bringing them to the world in February 2024. We've put together our insights to help you decide whether these shoes are worth your investment.  

Brooks Glycerin 21 Review: Upper, Midsole, Outsole


The Glycerin 21 upper is constructed with the FitKnit technology. It uses an engineered warp-knit fabric that offers properties including stretchability and compression. This innovative design allows the upper to conform and adjust to your unique foot shape and size better compared to the traditional mesh upper of the Glycerin 20. The fabric lining is exceptionally soft, providing ample cushioning and comfort to your feet.


The Brooks Glycerin 21 midsole features the latest nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 foam, which is supremely soft yet not too squishy. Furthermore, the stack height is increased by 2mm in this version compared to the last one, thereby promising more cushioning. The excellent padding under your feet works wonders for shock absorption, pushing you to clock up the miles without grave impact on the feet and joints. Let's not forget that the new technology has rendered this Glycerin shoe the lightest of all its previous versions.


The new RoadTack outsole is made using a combination of rubber and recycled silica, making the shoes more lightweight and resilient. The sole lugs are thick with adequate tread patterns to boost traction and durability. The broad, segmented outsole design stabilizes the feet, promotes flexibility, and helps with seamless heel-to-toe transitions. 

How does the Glycerin 21 fit?

The Brooks Glycerin 21 review would be incomplete without discussing the fit! These trainers are available in neutral and wide options, thus truly accommodating various foot sizes and shapes. The improved upper and midsole ensure a snug, comfortable fit that remains true to size. 

Do you have broad feet? Shop the Brooks Glycerin 21 wide shoes

Is Brooks Glycerin 21 a neutral shoe?

Yes, the Glycerin 21 is a neutral shoe, ideal for individuals with a medium arch who do not experience excessive inward or outward rolling of feet. 

For those with a high arch leading to supination or a flat arch causing overpronation, the Glycerin GTS 21 is the right choice. It features the GuideRails Technology that supports your arches, helping everyone stay in their stride. 

What is Brooks Glycerin good for?

The Brooks Glycerin series is tailored specifically for longer, slower runs. Often, users tag them as 'recovery shoes' as they find them extremely comfortable during their easy run days. And, of course, they take an 'A+' grade for marathon use! 

One of the testers remarked, "The cushion is the highlight. It provides a good softness that enables me to run farther. The ride on the shoe is smooth, the transition is smooth, and it never causes irritation."

Who should avoid Brooks Glycerin 21?

If racing or speed workouts are your jam, straightaway strike this shoe off your list. These shoes are not designed for agility or energy return—they have prioritized cushioning and stability to help you stay on your feet for longer! 

Specs of the Glycerin 21

Weight: 250g (women), 278g (men)

Midsole height: 28mm (heel), 18mm (forefoot)

Midsole drop: 10mm

MRP: ₹16,499.00

Brooks Glycerin 21 men colors: Black/Black/Ebony, Lovebird/Pale Yellow Lime, Blue/Nightlife/Black, Blue Opal/Black/Nasturtium, Black/Grey/White, White/White/Grey, Coconut/Forged Iron/Yellow

Brooks Glycerin 21 women colors: Black/Black/Ebony, Coconut/Aqua/Autumn Sunset, Blue/Ice Pink/Rose, Pink Lady/ Fuschia Pink, Raspberry/Estate Blue, Sunburst/Nasturtium/Purple

Pros: 2 mm extra stack height for a plusher ride, wider toe box, smooth transitions, durable construction, lighter, sustainable 

Cons: The upper may feel warm for some 

Brooks Glycerin 21 women and men shoes are available online! Upgrade today! 

We've presented our honest Brooks Glycerin 21 review, but the ultimate decision is yours! If you're impressed with these shoes, consider adding them to your running collection. Remember, we offer both Brooks Glycerin 21 wide and neutral models.