More and more people are signing up to experience "the runner's high." With the solo sport gaining massive popularity, a wealth of information on the subject has emerged. However, with the valuable insights comes misinformation, too—mostly running myths and misconceptions that need to be busted immediately before more people start believing them and giving up running. 

In response, Brooks Running, one of the best running shoe brands out there, decided to identify five such common beliefs and shed light on why there's no substance to them.

Myth 1: Running causes many injuries to our body

If this were true, running should have been banned by now because how could we risk the health of an estimated 621.16 million runners worldwide? The truth about running is that it will neither ruin your knees nor cause back damage. On the contrary, it strengthens the muscles and joints that can prevent injuries in the long run. That being said, steer clear of overtraining, poor running form, and improper running shoes—all recipes for running injuries!

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Myth 2: Running through the pain is not a problem

It's half the truth. Running through pain is okay if you know it's due to general muscle soreness and fatigue. However, when your shin, hip, knee, calf, ankle, or other body part hurts uncomfortably, it may signal an injury. At that time, you should not motivate yourself to keep going by saying, "It's all a mind game." That would be a big mistake! The best running tip would be to listen to your body, stop, rest, and seek medical attention if needed.

Myth 3: Running is not everyone's cup of tea

Really? Well, we know people who started running when they turned sexagenarian. We know runners who are blind and clock PBs in the big marathons. We know women who continue to run during their pregnancy. If they can pull it off successfully, what makes you believe you cannot? Running does not discriminate—it's an all-inclusive sport that brings everyone joy. Unless your doctor has advised you against the activity, there's no reason why you should not lace into your running shoes and pound the pavement. 

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Myth 4: Runners can eat whatever they want

From pints of cold beer to sweet treats, do you permit yourself to consume anything and everything because you feel you can run more and burn off the extra calories? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're following one of the biggest running myths. Eating unhealthy foods will take a big hit on your performance. Now, if you're not one of those dedicated runners, go ahead and skip this advice. But if you want to run better, take your nutrition very seriously. A runner's diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, wholesome carbs, nuts, and seeds. 

Myth 5: Running is a boring sport

Here, it's safe to say it's all in mind. Today, you may be bored of running; tomorrow, of cycling; and later, of swimming. The human brain wants novelty all the time. You can save yourself from running boredom by introducing newness within your routine instead of entirely abandoning the activity. Think of taking on a new route or practicing mindfulness while running. If you still feel being solo is not for you, joining a running club would be one of the best running tips. Community running can help you stay motivated and make the experience more fun! 

Now that the truths about running are out, please share them with your fellow runners! Also, don’t forget to check out the new arrivals of Brooks running shoes before you go.