Is it okay to run in everyday cotton T-shirts and shorts? In one word: No! Cotton apparel is excellent until you decide to hit the pavement. Why? Because cotton absorbs and retains sweat, which can lead to friction injuries, infections, and overall discomfort. Ultimately, it will take a severe toll on your running performance. 

If you plan to incorporate running into your everyday schedule, you must first ensure your running attire is in place. Today, we will focus specifically on things you must keep in mind when buying running shorts

What should you look for when browsing trendy running shorts

Running shorts for men and women are designed with unique features that maximize comfort and performance: 

Secure fit: Finding shorts that fit you right is the first step. If your shorts are too tight, they will constrict your body, restrict movement, and cause chafing. They can even pull further up when you're running, thus not giving you the coverage you want. On the other hand, if your shorts are too loose, they will shift around, causing discomfort, friction, and potential wardrobe malfunction. It would be best to look for snug shorts that stay put. So, when you order men's or ladies' running shorts, try them on and do some spot jogging or high knees. It will help you understand if you like the overall fit, feel, and looks of the running shorts

Built-in liner: Running shorts for men and women designed with a built-in liner can provide extra support and coverage. The liner also reduces friction between your skin and the shorts, preventing irritation and chafing. 

Material: Look for shorts made with sweat-wicking, rapid-drying, breathable, and lightweight fabrics. You can also do your bit for the environment by investing in Brooks running shorts made with sustainable materials. 

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Waistband: Running shorts with an elastic waistband that promises a secure and comfortable fit is crucial. It should neither be so loose that it slips down with the weight of your phone or keys in your pockets nor too tight that it restricts proper blood flow to your lower body. 

Pockets: Many running shorts for women lack proper usable pockets. If you are a woman, you must look for shorts with ample storage for carrying a phone, keys, money, and ID to ensure safety during runs. For men, while security may be less of a concern, having pockets for essentials remains important. 


Reflective elements: If you run before dawn or after sunset, you must invest in reflective running shorts for women and men to improve your visibility in low-light conditions. This is especially important if you run on roads, as it helps drivers spot you from a distance.

Tips on matching running shorts with your overall outfit

Running is a sport that compels you to be in public spaces such as gyms, parks, sidewalks, tracks, and roads. If you feel embarrassed during your runs, you’re not alone. Most runners have felt that way at some point in their running journey. A great way of tackling this problem is wearing running attire that makes you feel good and confident about yourself. 

Here are three essential tips for rocking your running outfits and conquering miles:

  • Choose solid, darker-colored shorts like black, gray, or navy blue if your T-shirts and shoes are light-colored and patterned. These shorts are ideal for hiding sweat during marathons and dirt during trail runs. Ladies’ running shorts in dark colors can protect from potential stains during periods. 
  • Alternatively, opt for light-colored bottoms when pairing with darker topwear and shoes. 
  • Consider bright, high-visibility colors such as neon yellow, orange, and pink, along with reflective tape when running in the dark.

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