Most people are always on the run and have little to no time for exercise, even if they want to. If you’re one of them, you must try out the popular exercise trend that is a raging favorite among busy professionals worldwide: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). As the name suggests, it involves short bursts of intense workouts with brief recovery periods. The result? You get the desired health benefits by spending as little as 20 minutes consistently. On the flip side, HIIT increases the risk of high-impact injuries. 

If you’re up for the challenge, you first need to get yourself a high-quality pair of stability running shoes to protect your body. How are these shoes different from everyday trainers? Let’s find out! 

Everything you must know about stability shoes and their importance for HIIT 

In HIIT workouts, you’re up on your feet running one moment, and the next, you know you have to get into a plank position for push-ups. Then, suddenly, you find yourself seated on a stationary bike, pedaling away rapidly. These swift transitions make slips, falls, sprains, and post-exercise pain commonplace. It is especially true if you have high or flat arches, amplifying stability issues. 

Enter stability running shoes! These are designed with proper arch support and midsole cushioning to ensure much-needed stability and safety during workouts. Whether you run, jump, climb, or squat, your feet will stay in place, reducing pronation, maintaining balance, and maximizing performance.

The science behind stability shoes: Why do they work? 

In theory, stability or overpronation shoes sound perfect. But, if you are into the science and tech geek of things and want to know why they provide better foot stability than your everyday trainers, we’ve got you covered! Brooks Running combines GuideRails technology and DNA LOFT technology in its stability running shoes

GuideRails support technology: GuideRails technology resolves the problem of excessive inward and outward rolling of feet. Your feet are aligned, limiting the excessive motion of other joints, including the knees and hips. So, how does it work? Within the shoes, two firm pieces of foam are attached on either side of the heels, preventing your feet from shifting inside the shoes and holding them securely.  

DNA LOFT cushioning technology: What’s the secret behind Brooks Running producing the lightest running shoes? Their innovative midsole technology, of course! It is constructed with precise foam, rubber, air, and nitrogen proportions. The result is plush, lightweight, and durable trainers that can absorb the high impact of HIIT workouts and return it in the form of energy. Not only do they enhance performance, but they also prevent injuries, making it a healthy and happy workout experience every time! 

Choosing the right stability shoes for HIIT

With so many options in the market, it is easy to feel confused about what might be the best stability running shoes. We’ve made your task easy and hand-picked two of the latest Brooks Running shoes that feature GuideRails technology and DNA LOFT technology to help you reach your HIIT goals! 

Adrenaline GTS 23

Over the years, the Adrenaline GTS series by Brooks Running has earned the tag “the best shoes for overpronation” by high-performance athletes. Well into its 23rd version, the shoes continue to promise the features users adore: excellent stability, comfortable cushioning, and outstanding breathability. These lightest running shoes can handle high-impact activities without compromising whole-body support and smooth transitions, making them perfect for HIIT workouts. Moreover, with narrow and wide fits available, they’re inclusive of every foot shape and size!

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Beast GTS 23

Another of the newest releases, the Beast GTS 23, is a stability running shoe designed for maximum support, trusted stability, and total comfort. Three things make it possible: a wide shoe base, ultra-responsive cushioning, and a snug fit. Plus, if you prefer the added security and comfort of a heavier shoe, these are the right choice for you! 

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Tips for maximizing the performance of stability shoes in HIIT

You got your hands on the best stability running shoes. Now what? How can you ensure your shoes never disappoint and promise peak performance always? Here are some easy-to-follow tips: 

  • Make sure the shoes fit you just right, neither loose nor tight. 
  • Understand your pair of shoes and its unique features. 
  • Store your shoes properly to protect them from potential damage. 
  • Clean your shoes periodically to extend their life.
  • Alternate between different pairs to avoid excessive wear and tear of only one pair of shoes. 


Stability shoes are the way to go if you’re interested in HIIT workouts, even more so if you are an overpronator or supinator! Grab your pair from Brooks Running and hit your HIIT goals.