Whether you are going backpacking, on an adventure experience, or on a business trip, if there's one item you must remember to carry, it has to be your traveling shoes. They provide comfort and support during travel and allow you to continue your exercise routine while on the move. They say travel light, and Brooks Running says wear light too! Discover how to choose the best lightweight shoes for your next trip. 

 Updated: April 2024

Factors to consider when choosing lightweight running shoes for your travel

Lightweight running shoes are designed using soft, flexible materials and unique construction methods that minimize bulk and reduce overall weight, making them the best shoes for traveling. Consider these features when choosing your next pair of traveling shoes:  

  • Weight: The lighter the shoes, the easier you can walk, run, and move around in them without getting sore feet.  
  • Comfort and support: The best shoes for a trip should have essential features like adequate cushioning, arch support, and toe box width to protect your feet and provide comfort throughout your journey.  
  • Durability: Ensure the travel shoes are made using high-quality materials that can resist the demands of your travel activities, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.  
  • Breathability: As you may require to wear the shoes for extended periods, shoes with breathable fabrics and technologies that allow air circulation, preventing excessive sweating and discomfort, are ideal. 
  • Style & versatility: Shoes with versatile colors and styles are best as they can match any outfit, reducing the need to carry multiple pairs. 
  • Traction: Make sure the shoes offer excellent traction to provide grip on different terrains, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.

The best lightweight shoes for different types of travelers

Choosing the right lightweight shoes will majorly depend on the type of traveler you are. Some examples include:

Adventure travelers

You crave adrenaline-pumping experiences and off-the-beaten-path adventures.  Whether it's rock climbing in Thailand or zip-lining through Costa Rica, you need a shoe that can handle varied terrain. Look for a lightweight trail running shoe with aggressive treads for traction and a protective upper for those inevitable bumps and scrapes. Here are some top picks for adventure travelers:

  • Catamount 2 Men’s - The Brooks Catamount 2 is a trail running shoe designed for speed and responsiveness. It features a lightweight, cushioned midsole, a propulsion plate for uphill climbs, and grippy lugs for traction on a variety of surfaces. The shoe also has a reinforced fit for comfort and a toe cap and mud guard for protection.
  • Caldera 7 - Women's: The Brooks Caldera 7 for women is engineered for conquering long distances on trails, featuring nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning for plush comfort and a grippy outsole for reliable traction on rugged terrain, ensuring stability and control throughout your runs.


The City Explorer:

If you love wandering the streets of different cities to explore museums, local cuisine, and famous landmarks, the best lightweight shoes for you would be those with soft cushioning and breathable materials that are comfortable for all-day wear. Comfort is key here, so prioritize a shoe with a breathable knit upper and plush cushioning.  A wider toe box will allow your feet to swell throughout the day, and a flexible sole will provide a smooth ride. Here are some top picks for city explorers:

  • Ghost 15 Men's: With plush DNA LOFT v2 cushioning and a smooth ride from heel to toe, it offers both comfort and performance. Its engineered upper with 3D Fit Print ensures a secure fit, while its sustainable construction uses recycled materials.
  • Anthem 5 Women's: The Brooks Anthem 5 Women's running shoes feature a BioMoGo DNA midsole for adaptive cushioning and an engineered air mesh upper for breathability. With a segmented crash pad for smooth transitions and a padded collar and tongue for comfort, they're ideal for neutral runners seeking reliable support and cushioning in their everyday training sessions.


Business travelers

When embarking on work-related travel, it's crucial to have a pair of shoes that seamlessly transitions between professional settings and off-duty engagements. Look for shoes that are not only lightweight and comfortable but also sleek and professional in appearance. Opt for styles that can easily transition from the gym to the boardroom without sacrificing performance or style. Here are some top picks for business travelers:

  • Glycerin GTS 21 Men's: The Brooks Glycerin GTS 21 for men provide comfort and support for road runs, including marathons, featuring nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning for a plush feel and GuideRails® technology to control foot movement. Built to last, they offer durability alongside a cushioned and supportive ride, making them an excellent choice for runners prioritizing comfort and stability on the road.
  • Adrenaline GTS 23 Women's: Women's: Offering superior support for overpronators through its Guiding Support System, while BioMoGo DNA cushioning ensures a personalized and responsive ride. With a segmented crash pad for smooth transitions, an engineered mesh upper for breathability, and a durable outsole built for high mileage, this shoe delivers both comfort and performance.


Tips to pack your traveling shoes

Shoes often take up a lot of luggage space, making it difficult to fit in. Follow our tips to pack shoes for your travel effectively:  

  • Determine the number of pairs you need depending on the type and length of your travel. 
  • Clean your best shoes for a trip and stuff them with socks to maintain their shape. 
  • Put each shoe in a plastic bag to prevent soiling other items in your luggage. 
  • Arrange them in your bag so the soles face each other to help maximize space efficiency.
  • If you have absolutely no space, the best would be to wear your traveling shoes instead of packing them. 

Start exploring the best lightweight running shoes

If you have booked your next trip, browse the Brooks Running range of lightweight men's & women's shoes to make your travel comfortable! They are durable, adaptable, and versatile, making them the best shoes for traveling