Running is a great solo sport with promising benefits such as stronger bones and muscles, improved cardiovascular fitness, healthy weight management, and the exhilarating runner's high. What's more, it is relatively affordable too. All you require is a pair of well-fitted shoes! 

So, if you want to kickstart a running regimen but avoid the hassle of going from store to store searching for your perfect pair, we suggest you buy running shoes online. It is convenient and provides access to a wide range of high-performance shoes in different styles and colors at better prices. 

Follow the five easy steps in our Brooks Running guide and find the best shoes to buy online

Step 1: Determine your exact shoe size

Even if your shoe size has been the same for a long time, we recommend rechecking it before buying running shoes online. To do so, trace your foot on a blank piece of paper and use a scale to find the distance between your big toe and heel in inches or centimeters. Then, using the brand's conversion table, find your shoe size. We recommend going 1/2 size up to ensure a comfortable fit. So, if you want to buy shoes for men online in size 10, get a 10.5.

Step 2: Understand your type of feet and body weight

Manufacturers design shoes to support different types of feet and gaits. People with normal arches can opt for neutral shoes, while those with high arches can consider buying thicker-mid soled, cushioned shoes online. You need running shoes with extra support and stability if you have flat feet with minor to no arch. 

Similarly, body weight is essential when buying shoes for men online. During running, the impact on your feet is 2-3 times your body weight. So, heavier runners should look for extra cushioned shoes online to protect feet and joints. 

Step 3: Identify your running surface and type of running sessions

Will you be clocking up miles on concrete sidewalks and local streets? Browse durable, cushioned shoes online that can absorb the impact of running on hard surfaces. Are you up for trail running challenges in the heart of nature—countryside, hills, and forests? You need shoes with high traction, support, and cushioning for uneven terrain. 

The type of running you do will also influence your purchase. Sprinting shoes emphasize traction and lightweight design, while marathon shoes focus on durability and stability. 

Browse Brooks shoes online according to speed, cushion, and energy. 

Step 4: Check all the features of the running shoes online

Brooks Running highly recommends reviewing the product details of running shoes to determine if they are the best shoes to buy online. Check if the specialized technologies and features of the running shoes support your unique running needs. While it may require some extra time, it is crucial to complete this step. 

Step 5: Go through the reviews and return policy 

When buying shoes for men online, it would help to go through reviews from other buyers who have already purchased and used the same brand or model of shoes. They can offer valuable insights about the fit, comfort, durability, and overall performance of the shoes. Secondly, ensure they are eligible for return or exchange before you checkout. You want to avoid being stuck with shoes that are not the correct fit for you!

Where can you buy running shoes online

If you are hunting for the best shoes to buy online, Brooks Running is a brand worth exploring. Whether you run on roads, trails, or treadmills, we've got shoes for every type of runner. We are transparent about our product specs and provide A-Z details, including the technology, arch type, material, and other features to help you make a more informed decision. Apart from being functionally excellent, all our shoe models come in diverse colors and patterns to find a pair of shoes fitting your style and preferences.

Find your ideal pair of Brooks shoes online for hitting the roads or trails today!