If you signed up for your first marathon running event, you will need more than a consistent training regimen to cross the finish line comfortably. Overlooking appropriate marathon running shoes, clothing, accessories, and injury prevention can mess up all the hard work you have invested to ensure a successful D-day.

Whether you are going to run a fun 10k or a daunting half marathon, Brooks Running brings you a complete running gear checklist that can help you feel race-ready in any situation. So, read up, gear up, and confidently head to the starting line!

Nine things you will need to ace your marathon

  • Running shoes: Marathon running is a high-impact activity that puts immense stress on your lower body. So, you will need well-cushioned running shoes like the Brooks Glycerin 20 to protect your feet, ankles, knees, and hips from potential injuries. Remember not to wear too old or brand new shoes on race day. The best marathon racing shoes would be the ones you have used for your training.

  • Running socks: Wearing athletic socks made of breathable, sweat-wicking, quick-drying material can prevent blisters and bacterial infections, ensuring a comfortable run! 

  • Running topwear and bottomwear: Apart from selecting the right marathon shoes and socks, paying attention to your apparel is equally crucial for a successful run. Ditch your cotton clothing as it absorbs sweat, resulting in heaviness, overheating, and discomfort. Instead, invest in running tops and bottoms made of polyester fabric. They wick away the sweat, helping with faster evaporation and efficiently regulating your body temperature. Additionally, they offer exceptional breathability and are incredibly lightweight. 

  • Depending on the weather, choose your attire length—sleeveless tops and shorts in summer while long-sleeve shirts and tracks in winter. And yes, do not forget to pack spares to change into post race to keep you warm and comfortable until you return home. 

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  • Supportive underwear: Sports bras for women and athletic gym supporters for men are must-haves for running. Your underwear should provide ample support to withstand the high-impact activity. Plus, the fabric should be soft to prevent skin irritation and chafing. 

  • Compression gear: Besides lacing up the best marathon racing shoes, you must invest in compression gear to minimize your risk of injuries. True to its name, this apparel exerts pressure on targeted muscles, reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, and enhancing endurance and strength. 

  • Weather essentials: Going for a monsoon run? Remember to wear a waterproof jacket and running cap. Is your marathon scheduled in one of the freezing months? Put on lightweight gloves, a woolen hat, and a warm hoodie. Are you taking part in summer marathon running? Do not leave your home without sunglasses, sunscreen, and a cap! 

  • Running watch or apps: Apart from good marathon shoes, committed runners invest in GPS running watches to track their progress! While there are several fitness trackers out in the market, look for ones that can accurately record stats related to your step count, pace, distance, time, heart rate, and calories burnt. If you do not mind carrying your phone while running, you can record data using a reliable running app. 

  • Running accessories: You can consider extras like headphones, waist belts, and armbands to make your run more comfortable! 

  • Injury prevention and recovery gear: To avoid chafing and blisters, apply skin lubricant in the friction-induced areas, such as your inner thighs and feet. You can use toe caps to protect your toenails from coming off. For post-run recovery, ensure you have a foam roller, tennis ball, ice packs, massage oils, and Epsom salt.

  • Stock up on the running gear today! 

    Are you missing a thing or two from the running gear checklist? No need to panic—whether you need marathon running shoes, apparel, or accessories, Brooks Running has everything available online. Happy running!