Let's do a shoe check. Have you completed 500-800 km in your walking and running shoes? Has the pattern on the outsole disappeared? Do your feet, hips, or knees ache after your training sessions? If yes, it's a telltale sign to grab a fresh pair of athletic shoes.

This Diwali, Brooks Running offers irresistible deals on the best road running shoes for women and men. Before you go on a shopping spree, take a moment to go through our product range to understand what would work best for you. Read till the end to learn more about Diwali gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts.

Explore the best shoes for walking and running by Brooks Running

1. Brooks Ghost 15

Since its launch in 2008, the Ghost Shoes by Brooks has been a hit among the runners community, so much so that it is now in its 15th edition! They are titled the best road running shoes for women and men for all the right reasons. 

This version has introduced a new and improved DNA LOFT v2 cushioning, resulting in a lighter, plush feel. The segmented crash pad allows for efficient shock absorption. Both these technologies work in harmony to elevate smooth  transitions. The upper materials have been enhanced for extra comfort and breathability. Plus, they contain 30% recycled content to keep your carbon footprint low. 

Another reason for its popularity is that it is available in narrow and wide feet shoes, making it suitable for every type of foot. Additionally, it is ideal for runners with medium and high arches. If you have flat feet and overpronate while running, read about Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes


  • Slightly heavier
  • Not suitable for speed work
  • Not for overpronators and forefoot strikers
  • No gusseted tongue 

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes

The Adrenaline GTS has been around for 20+ years and is found to be the best long-distance running shoes, especially for overpronators. Rightly excelling in the stability department, it's got a high demand that has instigated Brooks to release its 22nd version. 


The innovative GuideRails technology introduced in the shoes gives the runner ultimate stability, support, and control. Two firm foam pieces on either side of the heel inside the shoe help control all types of pronation, reducing the impact on your feet, knees, and hips. It offers DNA LOFT cushioning, ensuring soft landings and smooth flow from heel to toe. 


The 3-layered upper fabric mesh offers breathability, and the soft fabric lining promises a great shoe feel. You can find both narrow and wide feet shoes that fit snugly around the heel and provide enough room around the toe box, offering an overall comfortable experience. 


  • Firmer midsole
  • Not enough grip on wet roads

3. Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Besides adding the best shoes for walking and running to your cart, check out the Brooks Hyperion Tempo if speed workouts are your domain. This shoe, available for men and women, uses a nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH foam engineered from ultra-lightweight materials. It adapts to your unique stride, promises optimal energy return, and enhances shock absorption. These features make it perfect for tempo runs, fast-paced runs, interval training, and speed drills. 

The upper is constructed of stretch-woven, breathable, single-layer fabric that helps keep your feet stable during strenuous workouts. It also keeps you cool on hot days, making them the best long-distance running shoes. The good part is this shoe supports all arch types, so you do not need to worry if you experience under/overpronation. 


  • Firmer midsole

Running shoes for men and women

Diwali gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts

Brooks Running has many other products at superb discounts, including running t-shirts, shorts, bandit gaiters, hats, visors, and stride packs. Give your family and friends any of these items this Diwali, and see them thank you for making their runs more comfortable!