As we all know, running is a sport that gets us through so much more than just a distance and time. It gives our lives more meaning and hope for a definite healthier and stress-free life. It makes us set and accomplish goals that we would never have thought about. It helps us find and grow our community of our own crazy running mentality runners, and it simply just gives our life more meaning. Along with all of these feelings and experiences, we sure know that running is ultimately a sport in which our legs travel through a lot of pounding over different surfaces for months and years.

As runners, we always know and pursue pushing our bodies to limits to prove ourselves right, which ultimately leads us to set higher and better goals for our near future.

And so, from the very first step in this sport of running, to crossing that finish line on D-Day, we all runners rely on one very common aspect, that being our very own Running Shoes.

 The very first step in choosing a shoe is to Know Your Purpose. Are you looking for a shoe specifically for stability and support for your runs? Is it simply for logging more miles and kilometres on an everyday basis? Is it something that you’re looking forward to in helping you run and race fast? Or is it for those trails and mountains that you want to enjoy and explore?

 As a beginner, I would definitely suggest a shoe that helps give the needed Cushion, Support and Stability feature to start your journey in running with an injury-free, long-lasting and enjoyable and discoverable version of yourself.




The Glycerin GTS and Adrenaline GTS are two such shoe models that fulfil this very need. It has the DNA LOFT foam that provides the softest cushioning midsole throughout your runs. A snug fit that surrounds your foot is something that you can for sure rely upon. And more importantly, the additional GuideRails Technology helps support your foot in remaining stable and firm on your runs. This basically helps in keeping that excess movement in your running form in check. So you always remain in your natural stride, even when you get tired.



A lot of us out here, wake up before the sun rises and get in our respective runs before working hours, a lot of us, on the other hand, make sure to get it done in the evenings post our work hours and daily chores. So, in such a scenario where you’re a runner relying on a pair of shoes that fits as a complete shoe. A shoe when required you can always use in your long run, or a hill reps session, or simply for speed and tempo run day as well. Summing up to a shoe that you don’t give much thought about in specifications but can definitely rely on for various workouts and sessions throughout your training phase. That’s exactly

right, I’m talking about pairs of shoes that fit in the Everyday All-round Trainer category.

Let me introduce you to the Ghost Series. This shoe continues to be one of our most-loved cushioned running shoe. A soft feel, smooth ride, and a trusted fit are exactly what you want in an Everyday All-round Trainer Shoe. Other such shoe models are the Ricochet and Levitate, which offer the very own DNA AMP cushioning. This foam specifically provides an energy return at every step of your runs. On the plus side, the Fit Knit Upper that it provides is more flexible and breathable as it helps give more comfort and stability.



Let’s dive into one of my favourite modes of running. The Speed Play. When we talk about running fast and covering distances at astonishing times and paces, the Boston Qualification, Breaking records and smashing PRs, etc. We automatically look into the first aspect as runners as to which shoe was that runner wearing in achieving so.

To narrow it down, two such shoe models that will help and support our legs in getting these paces, times and PRs are the Hyperion Tempo and the Hyperion Elite. These shoes are exactly what you’re looking forward to running fast in. Ultra-lightweight cushioning, breathable and has that responsive give at every step of your run that helps you run faster and longer while staying comfortable. A DNA FLASH midsole foam, which is a nitrogen-infused cushioning shoe that offers adaptive energy return for speed specifically. For me, all my speed reps, tempo runs and race day efforts are always done in these. And so it helps in getting your respective times and splits bang on target, which then sets a higher and faster target for you to smash on your next race and time trial.



Let’s wrap it up with a shoe type that I personally enjoy running in, simply for the views and experiences of all that it offers. Have you ever considered running on top of a mountain ridge, through trails, mountains or even open dry desert lands? That’s right! Runners across the world love this kind of adventure that gives them that extra rush to push and test their bodies to their limits. And what you wear on such runs through such terrains and environment is the very first and most crucial aspect to look into.

The Caldera is a shoe that I rely on for my Trail Running. The rugged lug pattern outsole that it offers just makes the grip on the ground so much steadier and firmer on all of those uphills and downhills. Whether the weather turns haywire, it always assures you from slipping on wet muddy surfaces and keeps you constantly on the run. An engineered mesh upper gives that room for comfort while providing that secure fit you can always rely on. And don’t even get me started with their very own BioMoGo DNA midsole. In short, it completely adapts to your respective foot stride, weight, and paces to reduce the impact on your joints which ultimately helps you just keep on going for more miles and more fun.