Have you always dreamt of getting into comfortable shoes and running with your pet dog? You'll be happy to know your manifestation can come true! Not only is exercise great for you and your dog's well-being, but it can also help create a special bond between you two.

However, before you lace up your cushioned shoes, Brooks Running has valuable advice so you and your pooch can enjoy a safe and comfortable run!

How to run with your dog?: 8 tips and tricks

1. Make sure your dog is suited for running

First, you must consult your pet's veterinarian to understand if they can run long distances. Three primary factors come into play: your dog's breed, overall health, and age. Even if your dog ticks all the right boxes, their unique personality and temperament will ultimately decide if they take to running or not. So, have an open mindset, and do not get your hopes up from the beginning!

2. Gear up right

Just like you need comfortable shoes and moisture-wicking clothing for a pleasant running experience, your dog needs a leash and a collar or harness that does not restrict their natural movement when running. Pack your bag with a water bottle, dog bowl, treats, poo bags, and a small first aid kit.

3. Check the temperature

Never make the mistake of taking your dog out for a run in extreme temperatures. Canines lack sweat glands, unlike humans, making it more challenging to cope with the heat. Hence, running in the early mornings or late evenings is better when the weather is bearable. It’s best to ask your vet what's best for your dog!

4. Choose paw-friendly routes

Like us, dogs cannot wear cushioned shoes to protect their body from the impact of running. Instead of concrete roads or footpaths, you can choose routes with surfaces that will not hurt their paws and joints. Grass, soil, sand, or woodchip trails are more suitable options. Important note: To avoid mishaps, switch to trail running shoes that offer all-terrain stability, solid traction, and protection from rocks and debris!

5. Walk, jog, run!

Did you start running on day one of your training? No, you began brisk walking, followed by slow jogging, and finally built up your endurance for long-distance running. The same rules apply to your four-legged friend. Begin with a gentle approach and progress gradually while being mindful of their body language. Teach them to stay by your side first with a leash and eventually without it. 

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6. Take enough breaks

Running should be enjoyable for your doggo, so don't push them too hard, and give them plenty of short breaks for drinking water and resting. Immediately call it a day if they show any signs of exhaustion, such as refusal to run, heavy panting, excessive drooling, and irritability.

7. Ensure post-run care

Dogs can have sore muscles, too, so post-workout rest is essential. Following your run with your furry companion, cool down the temperature and heart rate by walking for a few minutes. You can give your dog a massage and help them stretch their body. Naturally, refuel them with water and their favorite food. You must also check their haircoat for insects, foreign objects, and paws for any cuts, blisters, or dirt.

8. Evaluate the runs

After a few running sessions, you will understand whether your dog enjoys the activity. If running doesn't bring them happiness, don't feel disheartened. Instead, shift your attention to other activities they relish, like playing, cuddling, and engaging in trick-learning sessions with you.

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