Power walking is a relatively low-impact physical activity that goes easy on your body and your pockets. A good pair of power walking shoes is all you need to clock those brisk, short, and controlled strides daily. You can do without fitness trackers, apps, and sports bottles, but right-fitting walking shoes are non-negotiable. Without them, you risk discomfort and injuries, impacting your performance and training goals. 

Whether you are new to power walking or a seasoned player, Brooks Running has charted out a universal buyer's guide to choosing the best walking shoes for men and women. 

Why are walking shoes important? 

Now, you must be wondering why you cannot use your everyday sneakers for walking. What is so unique about power walking shoes? Simply put, there are different types of athletic shoes for various purposes. Runners require lightweight shoes with extra cushioning, whereas cyclists need shoes with firm soles. Similarly, the best walking shoes are built using special technologies and incorporate features that can tremendously transform the walking experience.

How to choose the best walking shoes for men and women? 

Now that you are convinced walking shoes can make a difference, it's time to discuss how you can choose a pair for yourself. Whether you are purchasing shoes in stores or online, you must keep in mind some key features:  

1. Check for good-fitting 

The first step is to ensure the power walking shoes fit you perfectly. You must try on the shoes with your socks and check the following four aspects:

  • Size (length and width): 

Every shoe brand's size chart may vary slightly. Hence, measure your feet and refer to the brand's conversion table to determine the most suitable shoe size for your requirements. Additionally, consider the width of your feet. Walking shoes for women may be narrower, while men's will be broader.

  • Toe box:

There must be enough space around your toes because you don't want to end up with foot pain and injuries! Half an inch of space between your big toe and the front of the shoe is ideal.

  • Arch type: 

Many brands, such as Brooks Running, offer supportive walking shoes for all three arch types, including low, medium, and high. The midsole varies—it is firm for low and medium arch types and more flexible for high arches.

Shop the best walking shoes in India according to your arch type. 

  • Heel:

The power walking shoes should fit snugly around the heels, providing ample support. Plus, unlike running, where the front foot strikes first, it's the heel in walking. Hence, the shoe should have a low heel profile (heel-to-toe drop) to promote a more natural foot strike and prevent the risk of injury.

  • Ensure crucial features

Besides correct fitting, a few more features of walking shoes for women and men set them apart from other sneakers. It includes:

  • Cushioning: for adequate shock absorption
  • Flexibility: for easy flexing and bending
  • Traction: to help your feet grip the walking surface

3. Prioritize comfort over everything else. 

Even if the shoes fit you well and promise all the essential features, you can consider them the best walking shoes for yourself only if they feel comfortable as you try them on.

A final few tips on buying the best walking shoes!

  • Time of purchase: Your feet swell during the day and reach their maximum size in the evening. That's when you should buy shoes to get the correct size.  
  • Socks: The thickness of the socks can also affect your shoe size, so always wear them during shoe fitting trials. 

Duration of use: Replace your shoes every 500 miles (around 800 km) or when they wear out.

Find the best walking shoes in India.

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