If you are stuck at the same marathon distance and pace despite doing speed training drills, lifting weights, and taking care of your nutrition, you may need to evaluate your running gear. Believe it or not, road running shoes with good tech can improve comfort, make you faster, and enhance your endurance. 

In theory, the explanation is simple: when we run, our muscles absorb and return the energy, which, in turn, keeps us going. But after a point, it's natural for the muscles to get tired. If the shoes can take up the role of shock absorption and energy return, it will result in less muscle work, ultimately improving the running performance.

Whether you want to enhance speed, comfort, or endurance, we have handpicked our best shoes for every type of running goal. 

Best running shoes for speed

Race days are exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. After months of training, you want to achieve your target pace and personal best timing. So, when your goal is speed, get the lightest running shoes that take you the distance without tiring you out.  

Brooks Hyperion and Hyperion Max

Are you seeking a reliable 'super shoe' for the big race day events? You can count on the Brooks Hyperion Max, one of the best running shoes for men and women in this category. The upper is made of QuicKnit, a durable and breathable stretchy knit fabric that hugs your feet, giving a locked-down fit. 

Underfoot comfort is taken care of with the DNA FLASH v2 midsole unit that promises a plush feel, protection from impact, and high energy return. Moreover, the sole incorporates a full-length carbon fiber plate and Rapid Roll Technology, propelling you forward with every stride. All in all, these lightweight running shoes guarantee an enjoyable long-distance running experience. 

Best running shoes for comfort

You should choose the most comfortable road running shoes for your training days. Our everyday trainers that top this list include: 

Brooks Ghost 15

When it comes to exceptional comfort and durability, these road running shoes are hard to beat. We're basing this fact on its popularity among all types of runners over many years. What makes this shoe likable is its simple yet effective features that deliver the desired running performance: breathable engineered air mesh upper, softer and lighter DNA LOFT v2 cushioning, adequate support, and ultra-durable outsole.

Brooks Ghost Max

The Brooks Ghost Max is an exceptional running shoe tailored to deliver unparalleled cushioning and a seamless running experience. Engineered with Brooks' DNA LOFT v2 cushioning, it ensures a luxuriously soft and supportive sensation with every stride. Not only does it excel in comfort, but it also prioritizes stability, making it ideal for runners seeking to mitigate overpronation. Its innovative rocker design further enhances performance by promoting propulsion and facilitating a fluid heel-to-toe transition, ensuring an effortless and efficient running gait.

Best running shoes for high-performance

High-performance running includes various factors such as speed, endurance, technique, training, recovery, and nutrition. Experienced runners aiming to take their efficiency up a notch can opt for any of these shoes: 

Brooks Hyperion Max

These lightweight running shoes are the epitome of responsiveness. They help you ace easy and hard workouts and unlock your racing potential. Key highlights include the ultralight nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole for maximum energy return and Rapid Roll technology for speedy heel-to-toe transitions.

Brooks Glycerin 21

If you're searching for the best running shoes for men and women that prioritize cushioning and stability over speed, look no further than the Brooks Glycerin 21. These max cushion running shoes are built for slow recovery runs, a crucial aspect for maximizing running performance. The heighted DNA LOFT v3 cushioning is designed for shock absorption. So, it won't be a bouncy ride but most certainly a comfortable one!

We're done talking! Now, it's your turn to grab your favorite shoes and crush your running goals!