With a population exceeding 2.3 crores, it’s no surprise that Mumbai gets a bad rap for having little to no space. Add other looming challenges to the list, such as noisy environment, grimy humidity, and air pollution, and the city barely cuts it as a runner’s haven. Yet, the local running community continues to flourish, thanks to the diverse jogging surfaces and multiple marathon events held throughout the year. 

Brooks Running, one of the best running shoe brands, presents insights into the benefits of different running surfaces, key hotspots in Mumbai, and comfortable shoes to enhance your running experience.

5 type of running surfaces in Mumbai and their benefits

  • Pavements 

Most neighborhoods have access to community parks and playgrounds with a surrounding tiled walking route. Mumbai is also home to seaside promenades. Running on pavements is simple as they are flat and you are less likely to trip and injure yourself. The clearly defined route also makes the running experience more predictable, helping you to easily track your running distance and modify your pace when needed.

Running on pavements is ideal for: Practice runs 

Top hotspots: 

  • Marine Drive
  • Worli Sea Face

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  • Concrete roads 

Roads are the next commonly chosen surface by running enthusiasts in the city. Many areas in Mumbai have well-maintained, smooth, and straight roads, making it an ideal choice for long-distance running. Concrete roads provide excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Plus, most routes are well-lit with street lamps and reflective markers, making the conditions safe for early morning and late evening runs.

Concrete roads are ideal for: Practice runs, marathon running  

Top hotspots: 

  • Five Gardens, Dadar
  • Carter Road, Bandra

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  • Sports running tracks 

Running tracks are made with materials like polyurethane, rubber, and dirt. These surfaces are shock absorbing, thus helping reduce the impact on your joints and minimizing the risk of injuries. As tracks are flat, uniform, and have distance indicators, you can concentrate on speedwork, running drills, tempo runs, and other running workouts. 

Sports running tracks are ideal for: Practice runs, speedwork

Top hotspots: 

  • Shivaji Park, Dadar
  • Jogger’s Park, Bandra

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  • Sand 

To become a better runner, you must strengthen the muscles involved in running, including hip flexors, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Running on sand can help in doing precisely that! The added resistance from the soft and uneven sand surface will force your working muscles to put in more energy to propel the body forward and stabilize it for balance. It can help you burn more calories and enhance your muscle strength. 

Running on sand is ideal for: Resistance training 

Top hotspots: 

  • Versova Beach
  • Juhu Beach


  • Trails 

When you get tired of jogging amidst skyscrapers, vehicles, and crowds, trail running can be your perfect escape. Beyond stunning scenic views, this type of running promises many physical and mental health benefits—a stronger core, powerful legs, improved balance, increased endurance, higher calorie burn, and a happier mood!

Trails are ideal for: Strength training, marathon running 

Top hotspots: 

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Forest Park, Powai

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The best way to prevent yourself from running-related injuries is to wear running shoes tailored to the unique demands of your preferred running surface. Whether you are into road or trail running, Brooks Running, recognized as India’s best running shoe brand, has comfortable shoes for every type of surface!