You may be putting in blood, sweat, and tears to train for your upcoming marathon running event. But we all know life is full of surprises, and the need to travel can arise anytime, disrupting your committed running schedule. Whether your kid's vacation or your best friend's bachelor party, there are times when you cannot miss these trips. However, as a dedicated runner, you surely don't wish to skip your runs either. 

So, pack your road running shoes because Brooks Running has fantastic hacks to help you continue your running routine without compromising on the fun during your next holiday!

  • Research your travel destination before the trip 

  • Once your vacation spot is confirmed, look up the place online. Check the weather conditions and terrain to know what running gear you should pack. Can you expect rain? Carry your waterproof jacket. Are you going to mountainous areas? Trail running shoes are your best bet. Training apps can help you discover popular running routes in that area. Nevertheless, always have your GPS watch or phone on you so that you can track your route and avoid getting lost. 

  • Look for accommodation with sports amenities 

  • If the weather or terrain conditions are unfavorable enough for outdoor running, you can always look for hotels with gyms or in-room fitness equipment. This way, you can use your treadmill shoes to continue running indoors. No treadmill? Other activities can boost your heart rate—spot jogging, knee ups, and stair runs. Additionally, you can focus on cross-training activities such as yoga, swimming, or cycling!

  • Finish your run early in the day

  • We suggest this for two reasons. First, you don't want to make your friends or family wait for you to finish your workout when it's time to head out for the day's adventure. After all, running is not on everyone's itinerary. Secondly, you are likely to be exhausted from traveling all day long, so planning evening or night runs may not be ideal. Early morning runs may require more effort, but that's the best way to balance running and relaxation on your trip. 

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  • Invite your fellow travelers to the run 

  • Your companions may not be into marathon running like you, but you can certainly introduce them to it. Why not encourage them to join you when you head out for a run? Apart from being a fun group activity, some may develop a genuine love for running. They may even choose to invest in road running shoes and pursue the sport seriously after the trip. 

  • Plan sight running 

  • If you are on a solo vacation or traveling with fellow runners, there's nothing better than exploring the increasingly popular trend of sight running! In simpler terms, it is sightseeing on the run. You can look for local guides conducting running tours, but if that option is unavailable, plan one yourself! You can map your runs around must-see landmarks or neighborhoods with rich cultural history. 

  • Take it easy

  • Remember that traveling is tiring, so if you need to sleep extra hours to allow your body to recuperate, don't force yourself to wake up and run. Skipping a run or two will not make a big difference. Also, don't set new running goals while on vacation unless you have an essential marathon running event coming up. Otherwise, prioritize relaxation and enjoy your well-deserved break!

    Pack the right running gear 

    If you are determined to stick to your running schedule even on your time off, pack all your running essentials to stay comfortable. Here's a quick checklist: road running shoes or treadmill shoes, socks, t-shirts, shorts, and weather-specific clothes like a waterproof jacket or a hoodie. Brooks Running has A-Z running gear, so if anything is missing from your checklist, don't forget to shop before your vacation!