Whether you are starting or an experienced runner, these running mistakes are shared among all runners; here, we talk about the five most common running mistakes runners make and how you can avoid them to have a happy running experience. 

Not Warming Up Before The Run



One of the most basic things about running is warming up & yet; people tend to skip it and just hit the roads. Not warming up can lead to injuries, poor performance, cramps & a bad experience in general. Hence it is very important that you activate your body & warm up properly. 

You do need any equipment for this; all you have to do is walk around or jog slowly for 5-10 mins, do simple exercises, move your legs, and focus on activation & drills. The idea is to get the legs moving to have a run that makes you feel happy.

Run Slow But Run Happy


Run Slow Run Happy

One of the biggest mistakes we see runners make is they start by running too quickly, and halfway through the run, they burn out quicker & end up quitting midway or walking the remaining distance they planned on running. 

The best way to avoid this is to start slowly & build up throughout the run. Run at a comfortable pace & have a run-happy experience.

Plenty of pace calculators available online help you understand your ideal pace given your lifestyle, activity level & physique.

Record Your Runs, Analyze & Progress


It is important to keep recording your runs & analyzing your results which helps you understand how you are progressing. There are plenty of apps available with the help of which you can track your run. With the help of this progress data, you can decide whether you want to increase your mileage or increase your pace & plan your future runs training accordingly. 

One should also understand that progress will not be linear; there will be days when you are slower than your usual pace or run fewer kms than your usual distance.

A lot depends on your activity the previous day, sleep quality, nutrition, and water intake.

Not Having Proper Nutrition


Proper Nutrition

Many runners tend to undermine the importance of nutrition. A proper nutrition routine can make or break your running performance. Ideally, 1.5/2 hours before your run, you should have a light snack high in carbohydrates, low-fat, fiber & protein, as they are harder to digest.

If running for more than an hour, you should carry handy gels & chews, which are easily digestible and give you the energy you require.

One should avoid low-carb diets while running/training because carbohydrates are one of the most important nutrients for running.

Correct Shoe Size


Choose Correct Shoes

The most common mistake a beginner makes is choosing shoes that don't fit your feet or wearing worn-out shoes, which can lead to bad performances & running injuries.

Hence it is important to choose sizes that fit perfectly & you feel the most comfortable wearing. 

If you have recently started, you should opt for shoes that provide cushioning & stability, which can lead to an injury-free & long-lasting running experience.

Here's how we at Brooks Running believe every person has their way of running & considering that we have developed advanced running technology that doesn't fix your run. Instead, the shoes optimize it & support your unique running style.

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