We all love our favourite running shoes & know how frustrating it can be when your shoes don't deliver the mileage you are looking for from them. However, this article shares four tips you can implement immediately to maintain your running shoes and ensure they last longer.


Tip #1: Shoe Rotation

Shoe Rotation

Did you know? Like humans, shoes also need time to recover. Most runners have just one pair of running shoes, and they use it for all their runs, gym sessions & even in their day-to-day life. These activities can heavily impact the lifespan of a shoe and can end up flattening the shoe despite you running fewer kilometres.

It is important to have atleast two shoes that you can use on a rotational basis, depending on the type of run. One should have a separate shoe for long runs & a different shoe for speed runs & an independent shoe for daily use. It may look costly upfront, but in the longer run, because you can use your shoes more specifically, you benefit by increasing their lifespan and getting more mileage from them.


Tip #2: Buy The Correct Shoe

Buy The Correct Shoe

Buying a running shoe involves a lot of essential factors that can result in reducing or increasing the lifespan of your shoes. If you are planning to run on trails and off-road, you should prefer buying trail shoes instead of road shoes, as these shoes have better protection for the sole because of the outsole rubber coverage. 

Running shoes have different width options available choose the shoes that you feel comfortable in, or ask for an expert/experienced runner to guide you in selecting the width of the shoes.

Just like the width, it is vital also to get the right length. If your shoes are too long or too short, it can result in wear & tear of the upper and the heel counter. Ensure that there's about a thumb-nail difference between the toe and the front of your shoe. Please read our article about the shoe guide, which gives much more detailed information.


Tip #3: Don't wash your shoes in the washing machine

It is essential to understand that washing your running shoes in a machine can adversely affect the mileage of your shoes. The heat and repeated spinning can distort your shoe's sole and damage the cushioning. 

Instead, use a wet cloth or put them under the tap and clean it with a brush; however, don't be too vigorous while rubbing the shoes. You can also use shoe cleaners readily available online. 

Similarly, while drying your shoes, let them dry naturally; you can aid the drying process by adding newspaper to your shoes, which will soak in the moisture and dry them much faster.


Tip #4: Untie Your Laces

Untie Your Laces

Most of the time, as soon as we get home, instead of untying our shoes, we put one toe on the other heel and kick the shoe out; this damages the heel counter over a long period which results in loosening your shoe and might also lead to blisters. Always untie your shoe loose. 

While wearing it back for your next run, make sure not to jam your foot in the shoe; loosen the laces and put your foot in gently, keeping the heel counter firm and maintaining the shoe for a more extended period.